About Me

Hi Everybody!

My name is Carolina Ibanez and I am a Master in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) student. I am from Colombia, a beautiful country located at the north of South America. I did my undergraduate studies in History and I taught social studies in a Primary School for 2 years.

My main interest, among many, is to research about tools and techniques to teach English to ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. I have decided to join E-learning because I consider that all new technologies related to Internet are extremely important for education worldwide. Internet offers endless opportunities to enrich our language learning. Language learners can access to almost all information related to different languages, especially English. Nowadays it is easier to communicate regardless the place we are in. Every day tools such as Skype, Facebook and Tweeter, just to mention the most popular, allow us to keep in contact with people around the world. The question I would like to answer to myself is How this tools can help English learners, especially the ones who are in countries where English is not the main language?


One Comment to “About Me”

  1. Great question, Carolina. I will be most interested in following your journey of discovery!

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